Religious radicalism from ushul fiqh perspective (a counter paradigm)

Rohayana, Ade Dedi (2019) Religious radicalism from ushul fiqh perspective (a counter paradigm). In: THE PROCEEDING OF 1st ICRCS (International Conference on Religion, Culture, and Spirituality for Moslem Society) By Theme: Islamic Radicalism and Moderateness to Tackle Future Terrorism. Fakultas Ushuluddin Adab dan Dakwah IAIN Pekalongan, Pekalongan, pp. 14-28. ISBN 978-602-6203-07-6

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This study tries to offer thoughts tob counter the development of radical ideology among Muslims. The radical groups should be fought not only with weapons but also with thoughts, concepts, and theories, so that they may return to the true Islamic teachings, which are merciful, compassionate, and friendly. The theories that are developed in the ushul fiqh can be used as a fort to stop the birth of radical ideology among Muslims.. The better a person understands the ushul fiqh, the stronger he is protected from radicalism, and vice versa. Here are some of the writer's findings. First, linguistically the meaning of jihad is to devote all of its abilities. Second, the term jihad has been used in the time of the Prophet and is divided into the Mecca and the Medina period with significant conceptual differences due to differences in context and audience. Third, in this millennial era, along with the development of context, the concept of millennial jihad can be interpreted as no more misconception in understanding the concept of jihad.

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