Three Sufi Communities Guarding the Earth: A Case Study of Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change in Indonesia

Ahmad, Maghfur (2019) Three Sufi Communities Guarding the Earth: A Case Study of Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change in Indonesia. Al-Jamiah: Journal of Islamic Studies, 57 (2). pp. 359-396. ISSN 2338-557X

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Prasenjet Duara (2015) accuses divine religions as the cause of the environmental crisis and natural disasters. Duara's thesis was counterattacked by scientists and religionists who stated that religion has the spirit and teachings of careness for the environment. Nevertheless, the arguments they built are still theological, normative and theoretical. This study is an antithesis to the Duara’s statement and at the same time presents evidence based on the primary data that occurred in three Sufi communities. The focus of this study analyzes Sufi activism in Indonesia in safeguarding the earth, as a form of substantial religious responses to the environmental crisis due to climate change. Through the principles and mechanism of qualitative research methods, researchers sought to analyze mitigation and adaptation actions to climate change carried out by the Majlis Zikir Kraton Pekalongan, Jamaah Aoulia Panggang and Pesan Trend Ilmu Giri. The data are obtained through interviews, observation and documentation and they are analyzed interactively. The results of the study revealed that climate change is believed by the Sufis as God’s authority due to human destructive behavior. For Sufis, overcoming climate change must begin with a change in the perspective of human relations, nature and God. In the case of three Sufi communities, religion is not just a doctrine of the relationship between God and humans, but also operational guidance on how to synergize with nature. Through a substantial religious spirit, the Sufis guard the earth through the re-actualization of the narratives of takhalli, tahalli and tajalli, as ecological repentance, ecological movements, and ecological campaigns in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: climate change, sufism, mitigation, adaptation, environmental crisis and disaster.
Subjects: 200 RELIGION (AGAMA) > 2X0 ISLAM UMUM > 2X5.2 Tasawuf
Divisions: Fakultas Syariah > Jurusan Hukum Keluarga Islam
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