Kajian Pra Revitalisasi Pasar Berorientasi Kesejahteraan, Kenyamanan Dan Keindahan (Kasus Revitalisasi Pasar Banjarsari Kota Pekalongan)

Rismawati, Shinta Dewi (2018) Kajian Pra Revitalisasi Pasar Berorientasi Kesejahteraan, Kenyamanan Dan Keindahan (Kasus Revitalisasi Pasar Banjarsari Kota Pekalongan). Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengembangan (LITBANG) Kota Pekalongan, 15. pp. 79-91. ISSN 2503-0728

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One of the major trade facilities in Pekalongan City is the Banjarsari Central Market located on Jalan Sultan Agung, Sampangan, Pekalongan Timur District, Pekalongan City. This main market is located in one with the Borobudur Mall and Giant Supermarket. Banjarsari Market has 3 floors and consists of 1,156 kiosks, 171 shops and 2,701 shops. The first floor is mostly occupied by textile traders, the second and third floors are occupied by various types of merchandise, both culinary, vegetable, meat, and grocery stores. This condition changed completely after the Pasar Banjarsari fire occurred on Monday, February 26, 2018 and could only be totally extinguished after 30 hours of the incident. After the fire, the economic activities that had been centralized in the Banjarsari Central Market for a while were relocated to Jalan Patiunus and its surroundings where traders were accommodated in temporary barracks and semi-permanent. The conditions at the temporary shelter location naturally experience various obstacles in the implementation of trade transactions such as heat, huddle, pedestrian and buyers are less comfortable, and disrupt the fruit stalls that already existed on Jalan Patiunus. This condition must be immediately followed up with the policy of Pekalongan City Government to revitalize the rebuilding of the Iduk Banjarsari Market after the fire. To support the Banjarsari Main Market revitalization efforts, through the research activities, a pre-revitalization study of the Banjarsari Main Market will be conducted, so that it can provide recommendations to the Pekalongan City Government regarding the needs and forms of buildings, availability of social facilities, environmental maintenance, and convenience for traders and buyers

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Banjarsari market, Pekalongan City Government, Pre revitalization, Recommendations
Subjects: 300 SOCIAL SCIENCE ( ILMU SOSIAL ) > 360 Social Problems and Services (Permasalahan dan Kesejahteraan Sosial) > 361.0072 Research and Statistical Methods/Metode Riset Permasalahan Sosial, Statistik Permasalahan Sosial
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