Nasionalisme religius dalam novel Al-Yaumul-Mau'ud dan An-Nidaul Khalid karya Najib Al-Kilani:: Analisis intertekstual

Azzuhri, Muhandis (2008) Nasionalisme religius dalam novel Al-Yaumul-Mau'ud dan An-Nidaul Khalid karya Najib Al-Kilani:: Analisis intertekstual. Masters thesis, UGM.

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Discourse of nationalism is the most amazing social discovery within the journey of human being history. There is no even one social space in the world which is free from the influence of this ideology. Without the nationalism, lane of human history will be extremely different. Najīb Al-Kīlānī, a well known novelist from Egypt, wrote his idea on the discourse of nationalism on his two great novels which are titled Al-Yaumul-Mau'ūd (1961) and An-Nidāul Khālid (1969). This research is intended to prove the existence of religious nationalism idea on novels Al-Yaumul-mau'ūd and An-Nidāul Khālid, it is hoped that this research will be able to draw the link which is strengthening that nationalism is not in contradiction with religion. This kind of nationalism is then called “religious nationalism”. This study is conducted with intertextual theory, by using comparison method. This research will be limited to the theme substance which is the religious nationalism idea on the novel Al-Yaumul-Mau'ūd and An-Nidāul Khālid written by Najīb Al-Kīlānī. This research found that the “religious nationalism idea” which was pointed out by Najīb Al-Kīlānī on his two novels was a result of his intellectual relationship with some other religious nationalism figures at that period. Some of them were Jamāluddīn Al-Afghānī, Muhammad Abduh, Qāsim Amīn, dan Hāfizh Ibrāhīm. In addition, according to Najīb Al-Kīlānī, thinking of religious nationalism is based on the product of Islam lesson/theory which has been explored in the Madinah state which was founded by prophet Muhammad SAW, rather than secular nationalism. This Madinah state was not only built in the similarity of …

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