Terrorism: Considering Maslahah and Madharat in the Perspective of Maqâshid Sharî’ah

Makrum, Makrum and Fitri, Ahmad Asrof (2017) Terrorism: Considering Maslahah and Madharat in the Perspective of Maqâshid Sharî’ah. Journal of Business and Tourism. pp. 272-291. ISSN 2520 - 0739

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This paper examines the positive (maslahah) and negative (madharat) aspects of terrorism viewed by the maqâshid sharî’ah’s perpective. The writing is inspired by the facts that since the attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2001 and the expansion of the United States into the Middle East, terrorist acts have become increasingly widespread. The terrorists, who act in the name of jihad, seek the legitimacy of religious texts. This raises a negative view among the wider community that Islam legalizes terrorism to strengthen its position. In fact, this understanding is not true. The data obtained from library research of various research results, books, and news in the mass media were analysed by using a qualitative approach. The results of this study indicate that terrorism causes a lot of madharat rather than mashlahah, at least causing bad image of Islam. In this case, maqâshid sharî’ah jihad can be divided into three, namely: First, maqâshid âmmah jihad, i.e. justice and freedom. Second, maqâshid khâshshah , namely.e. the fulfilment of the basic human right to live. Third, maqâshid juz`iyyah , i.e. fighting oppression, protecting people from outsiders threatening salvation, warning the polytheists to be consistent on the agreement or the result of collective agreements, and eradicating disbelief. Terrorism which has a religious motif in Islam arises because of the application of jihad ghairu muqtadhâ al -hâl (regardless of the context of the problem and the type of solution required). If extremists fully understand the concept of jihad muqtadhâ al -hâl (contextual, in a solutive way), undoubtedly the acts of terrorism which they believe to be jihad fi sabilillah, will not be pursued.

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