Culture and Family Firm Values: Case of Batik Industry

Susminingsih, Susminingsih (2013) Culture and Family Firm Values: Case of Batik Industry. In: THE 2013 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BUSINESS, ECONOMICS AND ACCOUNTING HOLIDAY INN SILOM BANGKOK, THAILAND : 20 - 23 MARCH 2013: PROCEEDINGS BOOK. CAAL International Education Organizer, Training And Consulting, Jakarta, pp. 563-574. ISBN 978-602 - 19725 - 1 - 9

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This paper assumed that one of the keys to success in family firm is their culture. The interaction of the family values with their firm management leads the unique resources that built such culture. The relation within the member family also gives a contribution to efficiency and effectiveness of management. This paper is built on the basis theory of organizational culture and social learning. The first theory help us to understand the importance of the culture for generation of organization advantages and the second theory help us to understood the self employment and their effect into their personality. In spite of this, the firm as the institution can be understood as systems presenting diverse aspects, which incorporate of symbols, by cognitive and normative rules. This study illuminates the cultural construct of batik family firm such paternalistic leadership, hard worker, long term orientation, warm communication and innovative have a dept relation with their values which they believe in, such as togetherness, harmony, appreciation, religious orientation and communication. In Indonesian context, almost 70 % of batik was produced in Pekalongan. In 2009 data indicated that 3433 units are SME s category located in Pekalongan regency and they are produced in industrial family. So, the final aim of this paper is to study the role of the value of member family to built a firm culture which influence the survivability of their batik industry, in a qualitative perspective.

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