Batik Industry in Islamic Theo-Antropology Perspective

Susminingsih, Susminingsih and Mahmud, Amir and Karima, Nurul Syahru (2017) Batik Industry in Islamic Theo-Antropology Perspective. PT. Nasya Expanding Management, Pekalongan. ISBN 978-623-6906-21-7

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The content of this book include: 1) Research Background research question, limitation of problem, the objectives and research significant, previous finding, theoretical framework, research method; 2) Islamic Theology: A. The meaning of belief in God: Mode of Having, Mode of Being, Mode of Serving; B. Human Metaphysics: Nature, Reason and Thought, Heart, Consciousness, Human and Deeds, Relationship among human, religion, universe and God; 3). Entrepreneurship: A. Entrepreneurship concept: opportunity identification and evaluation, making a business plan, determining the needed resources, company management, B. Human character elements: drives, instinct, character trait, feeling, emotion, and sentiment organization, sentiment, interest, virtue and sin, will (das wollen), C. Entrepreneur character: innovative, having the spirit of leadership, decision making, entrepreneurial behavior; 4) batik business dynamics in Pekalongan City: getting to know about Pekalongan City, batik business portrait in Pekalongan City, entrepreneur’s behavior in batik business; 5) Batik Business Theology in Pekalongan: A. The problematic of anthropological: Assumptions of business: Social and cultural environment dilemma, Multi dimensions business decisions: Humanity, environment, and transcendence, B. The common theological approaches to business: Human is a creature endowed with reason, Human is a creature whose have feelings, C. The Moslem batik business theologized: believe in self, believe in others, Believe in the giver of destiny, God is involved in business, humans have the rights and obligations to conserve the harmony of the universe This book is very useful as a reference for research on behavior industry. This time, the research wants to analyze how Theo-anthropology gives attention in business activity. The relation about theology and business behavior clearly explains how the entrepreneur can solve their problems. The role of theology in business directly support the entrepreneur faced the business environment. Thanks to God, my parents, my family, and my partner. Thanks for your all support. I’m glad if my work gives a contribution to enhance the management human resource knowledge, especially for local industry.

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