Second Life: Batik, Religion, Financial Institution and the Lack of Industry

Susminingsih (2017) Second Life: Batik, Religion, Financial Institution and the Lack of Industry. 000227321.

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Batik is famous in Indonesia and abroad. For Indonesian people, batik has become a daily clothing, the wear of batik is not limited to certain ceremonies. In the environments of schools, the workplaces of local and central government, batik is also a uniform on certain days. Behind the fame of batik cloth, researchers have made many observations toward the batik industry. Pekalongan became a batik making center which is very famous in Indonesia. Pekalongan as a coastal city in the north coast plays a very important role in the development of batik in the archipelago. The coastal batik production grew rapidly on the 1870s, supported by the development of transportation by the presence of trains and steamship. Traders and producers of batik try to meet the diverse consumer tastes, which always demand new innovations. As a result, batik which is made along the coast, especially in the area of Pekalongan develops in a very dynamic style (Ishwara et al, 2011: 24-27). From the results of the 2016 Central Java economic census, the Pekalongan city and Pekalongan regency had 171,003 SMEs, 4% of total SMEs in Central Java Province which were 4,174,210 SMEs.

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